Dj Freddy Ayeee was inspired to become a Dj after the death of a close friend. From that moment DJ Ayeee pressed forward. He began doing house parties
and his name spread quickly. DJ Ayeee eventually worked his way to several venues and bars. The Break Room Bar in Fullerton, CA was a spot DJ Freddy Ayeee caught
attention. DJ Freddy Ayeee’s continued to grow and began working with Rich Reems of SavRichRecords. Be on the lookout for a new mixtape release soon. Here’s
DJ Freddy Ayeee in his own words-

DJA: I was born and raised in West Covina, Ca and I’m currently still In West Covina aka “The Cov” 

TEL: How long have you been on the equipment?

DJA: I’ve been a DJ about a year now.

TEL: Your earliest inspirations or motivations to DJ? 

DJA: Honestly my friend Dj Gohan’s passing at a early age really inspired me to Dj to try to carry on his legacy he was a really good Dj and I would always mess with him and say Call me “Dj Freddy Ayeee” and I just pursued it after his passing R.I.P Dj Gohan

TEL: What specifics did you learn from DJ Gohan?

DJA: Honestly he didn’t really get to teach me much because he was always so busy or booked but when I was around him he did show me a few things like his sound effects (laughs)

TEL: Tell us about the first time you DJ’ed in front of a large crowd.

DJA: The First time I got on equipment In front of a large crowd was at my homie Alex’s house. He had a house party and let me tell you it was jumpin!

TEL: What’s your preferred style of music and crowd? 

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