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MJ: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where were you born?

Larceny: I grew up in New York City, Brooklyn to be precise but when you from New York ya gotta name all 5 boroughs due to traveling purposes, it’s a new York thing shout out to all 5 boroughs!

MJ: What was your upbringing like?

Larceny: I was raised by my grandmother and my mom , they were birth mom and dad even though my dad was in the picture but he was doing a bid , 26 years to be exact. That didn’t stop him from being hands on father, that’s my best Friendsright there. Matter a fact he was in the studio the other day critiquing some things, I admire his creative input. My family is a very close unit , I get their opinion before I really make moves, my kids my grandmother , cousins they all give me input on projects ,they are my home team and my original fan base , some of my best fans . I really don’t look for support beyond that because it starts at home, but I do value all my supporters immediate and worldwide. I also value my mom. I also value genuine supporters and ones that claim they rock with me but really don’t, shout out to you all. I see the sales scans and when someone claims they boughtthe album I can check the numbers. It tells me a lot.

MJ: Before you became a rapper what were your dreams growing up.

Larceny: I was always an over seer and I pay great attention to detail ,so I would say definitely homeland security because I’m sort of a protector by nature actually , I also used to work as security for Jones Beach sand removal in Long Island .

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