Tim Tuggles: Family Man and Multitasker Reallionaire

Tim Tuggles AKA “Timmy Gunz” has been in the music industry for quite some time. During that time, he has become a father of 8 children and he and his wife have mastered the art of balancing work and home. I recently caught up with Tim and had an interesting chat. Our Q&A starts below. Enjoy!

CB: For all our readers who don’t know about you can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

TT: Well first off, I’m a father, about to be of 8 and I’m a husband located out of Dayton, Ohio. I first started my label back in 2004. My first artist I signed was “The Bad Seed” out of Brooklyn, NY. He was signed to Warner Bros and he had just gotten out of his deal with Warner Bros. I signed him maybe a month or two after he left Warner Bros. After that I was able to sign two or three more artists from Dayton. One of my artist’s name is “Lavish” and the other artist’s name is “Steven Ernest” I’ve been doing music ever since. I have an online store called “Reallionaire ACC.com”. So, I just work hard trying to take care of my family.

CB: Being that you are a family man how do you balance work and home?

TT: It’s being able to multitask and meeting each kid’s need, so it’s hard. But, I enjoy it. I love it. I come from a big family. I’m the youngest of 13 so, I know how to deal with big families. My wife and I are partners so we’re able to balance everything.

CB: Being that you are a business man how do you know when something is going to be a good investment?

TT: Normally it depends on the people you’re working with. I like to do my research on people before I attempt to do business with someone. If their track record is good with very few complaints and an offer sounds great then I will work with someone. But, if there’s a bad reputation or anything like that I do not mess with it. I’m strictly about positivity. I’m about treating everybody right, treating coworker’s right, treating employees right and whoever. If anybody has a bad track record I will not mess with them because more than likely nine times out of ten the deal would not be good.

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