TOM MARVEL – Comfortable in Our Own Skin

The ability to find beauty in the faults, expressions, and attitudes through pictures is but a small bit of what attracts most photographers…. For Tom Marvel, his long-time hobby (dating back to high school) turned more into a professional attribute encapsulates all of what makes expression wonderful… His philosophy is based in pure simplicity; for him to capture an individual, an empty street corner, or an impromptu political rally of sorts is about the opportunity to be a part of capturing art, more so than taking the perfect shot… But don’t get it twisted, Tom is always in the hunt for photographic perfection mainly because of his musical interests and past life as a musician, like with every bass chord his pictures are stories being told… A lover of Coltrane in the background while shooting in black and white – Marvel is always looking at ways to provide an unlimited photographic sanctuary… A place where imagery is king and silence is golden, if a picture is worth a thousand words; Tom Marvel is seeking a thousand plus one… Known to wear a lot of hats, businessman, fly fisherman, and all things New Jersey, it’s his inner eye (though) that keeps him most preoccupied these days… The type of eye that comes along every once in a while and helps us all become more comfortable in our own skin! Walking a delicate line between those who have come before him by way of the camera and his own brand of artistry, one may be able to marvel upon (all puns intended) his contributions to the craft… By far he’s reaching for new heights in photography, while holding true to old roots at the same time – MAFIA Magazine is delighted to expose the culture to the mind of Tom Marvel!

Pook: What do you consider having an eye in photography?

TM: Ok so photography is about the light… I use to fly fish and when you fly fish, it’s not about the fish at all… It’s about the bugs… Same thing in photography! You have to train your eyes to see the light, but like in music – train your ears to hear with what you are told to see… Over time, you train your eyes to see the light… Capture light as it illuminates expression… People usually have their eyes closed… But to see true expression and capture it, they have to be open and closed!

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