A.Human or Is It?

When you can change your body like you change your clothes, does your appearance lose all meaning or does it mean everything”- A.Huxley Founder A. Human

Horror or high fashion? Enter the world of A. Human, a fictional or futuristic body modification brand that serves as both commentary on the touchy nature of artistic body modifications and the enfluence of the fashion industry. The sensory immersive art show was thought up by Simon Huck and premiered on September 5 on Mercer Street just ahead of New York Fashion Week and it has everyone who sees it asking the same question,

Is it real?

The answer is yes. The idea is that A. Human, and its spring-summer 2019 collection from the future, can help you reimagine your body, by offering up body changes instead of clothes. These modifications, high heels that are part of your feet, matching hearts, a mouthful of marble tooth inlays,or bioreactive necklaces and bioluminescent filament living eyelashes for instance, are being touted as more about self-expression and the freedom to be anything you want to be rather than cultural acceptance and fitting in.

The fashion and art industy experts as well as the general public are yet to come to a decision regarding the modifications designed for special occassions, nights on the town and even a romantic gesture, featuring two hearts with identical infostructure for you and your other half designed by Hock and his team which includes a specialist in transhumanism, Nicola Formichetti,and even Kim Kardashian West who dreamed up the implanted necklace she modeled on instagram, with LED technology that syncs with her heart.

While the theories behind A. Human rival any science fiction blockbuster of the future, the artistic fashion exhibit complete with a giftshop and and an open door with the purchase of a $40 ticket, is enticing A-listers and the generally public alike to flock through the door where they hear a kind voice reminding them unapologetically

“I am myself and nobody else. Leave what it means to be you at the door.”

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