Will Smith is Planning to Heli-bungee For His BIG 50!


Will Smith is taking the term “ turn up” to a whole new level for his 50th birthday celebration today Sept 25, 2018 and we are all invited to the party in a small gorge within the Arizona portion of the Navajo Nation. But this won’t be an ordinary Birthday Bash…

According to multiple sources the actor and social media aficionado is reportedly planning to heli-bungee (bungee jump from a helicopter) over the Grand Canyon, and will broadcast the experience to his fans.It seems that Smith teamed up with charity website Omaze to also make his birthday bungee jump a fundraiser to benefit Education Cannot Wait, one of the projects supported by the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation. The site launched a lottery for a fan to be chosen to witness the jump and meet Smith, in person .

While Will Smiths goal is raising money to benefit Education Cannot Wait as he stated in the video announcing the stunt, The Jump will serve as an addition to the “Yes Theory” video website’s Original new series lineup, YouTube announced Friday July 27th, with other entertainment figures such as Jordon Peele, Robert Downey Jr, and Kirsten Dunst set to be a part of new Original series on the platform.

How did this crazy party theme come about? A YouTube Channel “Yes Theory” called the actor out back in March 2018; they asked Smith to perform the death-defying stunt and he accepted.


As we all know Will Smith is no stranger to views and likes on social media with nearly 20 million followers on Instagram alone. We are pretty certain his youtube will be full at 5pm E.S.T as Will Smith takes on Yes Theory’s challenge of bungee jumping from a helicopter into the Grand Canyon for all to see live. SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/BUjQW8

Lets hope, this bungee jump is as successful as Will’s first jump and doesnt imitate a “Newsworthy” situation…. Afficianatoes of the iconic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, will know exactly what we are talking about .

With that being said the Staff of MAFIA Magazine wish Will Smith an Amazing Birthday and many Many MANY more adventures to come.

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