Mafia Magazine is a a self distributed, independent bi-monthly
print publication that encourages the exploration of all creative
arts, with a target demographic of young adult followers who are
interested in Making A Future In Art and the enfluencers who are
already doing just that.

With deep roots in hip-hop and R&B, MAFIA MAGAZINE began Making
A Future In Art in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 2003 when MADE MEDIA
introduced the first magazines and the M.A.F.I.A. lifestyle to the
East Coast. The magazine made it’s internet debut in 2006
distributed and published by Gray & Moseley Publishing Company,
LLC. In 2011, having rose to an impressive circulation of 50,000
print subscribers internationally, Mafia Magazine received
accreditation from the United Press Association.

MAFIA is an acronym for MAKING A FUTURE IN ART, and the
magazine itself has become an authentic literary and visual
representation of the growing culture of artist, musicians,
dancers, and creatives, not only using their talents to succeed,
but to also change the world. Having an enormous on-line
presence M.A.F.I.A became more than a magazine, it became a
movement spreading from the East Coast to the West Coast
across social media and its web home at
www.themafiagroup.com . Receiving several thousand visits on
it’s website monthly, from loyal readers, fans, and members of the
movement itself.

After a hiatus in 2018, MAFIA MAGAZINE is re-launching January
2019 with a new look, expanded content and features designed
to improve the experience for readers, advertisers and
contributers alike. With future plans to introduce an all new online
radio broadcast with live interviews and a digital version of
the magazine , we hope that our current and future subscribers
enjoy becoming a part of the M.A.F.I.A family. Remember to
subscribe to M.A.F.I.A and view our family album, Mafia Magazine.


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