New Journey

A new year brings new possibilities as a new career role brings new opportunities. I want to introduce myself to you our faithful readers. My name is Crystal ‘CB’ Booker and I am the new CEO of Mafia Magazine. I want you to know how much we appreciate your support. It is because of you that we can continue to grow and evolve. Mafia stands for “Making A Future in Art”. You can expect us to live up to our name and represent it with pride in the issues to come. We will be bringing you content focusing not only on Hip Hop, but all genre of music. We will also be showing our support of the Arts by showcasing different forms of art such as the art of dance, the art of painting as well as our continued support of film and theatre etc. We also value and embrace diversity. This is what makes our country so awesome. It is the spirit of comradery and caring for one another that keeps this country going strong. This is the inspiration behind our commitment to bring awareness to the news stories that go unmentioned, but none the less make a difference. We feel these under-appreciated heroes deserve to be recognized, acknowledged and thanked for what they do. Heroes like law makers that are champions of the people who affect positive changes in government for all people, teachers and educators that are making strides finding creative and innovative ways to improve learning for all our children, who after all are the future of not just our country but the world.
Change is good, but positive change is great! We are committed to bring you the best quality magazine possible and we appreciate your continued support. So, take this journey with us as we make a future in art. Buckle up and enjoy the interesting ride.
Many Thanks,

Crystal ‘CB’ Booker
Mafia Magazine

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