Pook Elliott / Mafia Editor

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Mafia magazine… I would like to contend that I’m your host, but not really! I am joined by a talented team of writers, graphic artists, and web designers that makes this your one-stop for the Culture… While many magazines contend that they are realist, the illest, and most popular on newsstands, our mission is to remain consistent and driven to bring you the latest on your favorite artists and shed light on who’s about to take the game to the next level… Join us as we introduce you to familiar faces and upcoming faces in our Model of the month previews… Fellas…these ladies have been hand picked for your visual pleasure… And believe me, we just getting started!

MAFIA Magazine continues to be and always has been an “opportunity” for those who see it as such… We get love from the mainstream to the underground, from the likes of artists and cultural icons that have changed the game and those who feel it’s their time to do so! Our affiliations are 100% built on loyalty and trust, grounded in the tenets that Hip Hop music and news is less about gossip and misleading facts-but more about things like truth, relevance, and bringing light to the darkness… I’m an advocate for MAKING A FUTURE IN ART (MAFIA) and that’s why our brand is like no other!

As Chief Editor it’s my job to stimulate your collective Hip Hop conscious and provide intellectualized (and recreational) commentary… Check out the latest interviews, 24 hour MAFIA RADIO w/Sangria Live on Sundays; and find out who’s been checking in on the family-keeping things one million, instead of just one hundred! To all of you I say buckle up and don’t let this be the last time you journey wit us! To my brothers and business partners: G, Uncle Rob, San, & Cheez—you already know what it is (couldn’t do it without ya’ll)…

Welcome to the Top Floor, we call it MAFIA MAGAZINE! Be at peace, even when the rest of the world is not!


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Twitter: @ Pook Elliott

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