Funk Flex suggest Lil Pump should pay for a Ghostwriter, Pump isn’t amused

Funk Flex vs Lil Pump

At the beginning of this year, it appears that rapper “Lil Pump” has made “Funkmaster Flex’s” list of “whack rappers” .  To add more “coal to the fire”, Funkmaster Flex originally reposted a video of Lil Pump blowing his nose with a hundred dollar bill. In this repost is where Funkmaster Flex suggested that Lil Pump should use the money to purchase a ghostwriter.

I think it’s safe to assume that Lil Pump wasn’t amused. He decided to alert his fan’s on Instagram by instructing them to spam Flex’s page. Shortly after, Pump’s fans began to post “L’s” on all of Flex’s mentions, to imply that “Americas Disk Jockey” has taken a loss from freshman Lil Pump. Pump also added that Flex is “a walking L” from reports of Flex assaulting his wife in the past. Just when you start to think “this couldn’t get anymore petty” Pump decided to post Flex’s mugshot with the caption “U hit women ur literally a L”.

Lil Pump's post

It’s obvious that this feud will not be coming to an end any time soon, but hopefully one of them can become the bigger person and squash this unnecessary social media battle. Grandmaster Flex is a legend, in my opinion he shouldn’t be part of a social media brawl with a freshman like Lil Pump. But hey, Flex has a right to state his opinion just like Pump. So let’s all sit back and observe how this is going to end.

-Corae Benson