UFC: Floyd vs McGregor


In this day in age, UFC better known as “the fastest growing sport” is doing better than boxing. Last summer Conor McGregor stepped out of his element to fight Floyd “Money” Mayweather in a boxing match. Which means no ground game , no kicks or elbows (He still threw some elbows).

Now Floyd is considering fighting McGregor in the UFC. I’ll give Mayweather some credit, in my opinion Floyd will do better than professional boxer “James Toney” did against “Randy Couture”. Now Floyd is a GREAT boxer , but if you watch his fights he’s decent in the clinch .

Here’s another valuable statistic to think about, Mayweather is the greatest defensive boxer of all time. I believe Floyd won’t let McGregor get a hit in this time. Floyd has that defense, but these are 4 ounce gloves and Conor has the “Touch of Death” with those 4 ounce gloves. Will we see Conor get his revenge in a REAL FIGHT or is Floyd the Greatest of All Time in combat sports history…..

-Nate Phillip