Lil Scrappy Seriously Injured In Horrible Car Accident


Over the weekend rapper/reality celebrity “Lil Scrappy” was involved in a terrible car accident. Report from “TMZ” states Scrappy and his friend were departing from Miami strip club “King Of Diamonds”on an early Sunday morning. Police stated they found Scrappy and his friend “Ca$ino Roulette” layed outside their car, unconscious on bare ground. It appears no other cars were involved in the accident. Sources confirm they hit a pole.

Scrappy attempts to inform police that he wasn’t the driver during the accident. Scrappy was under the impression his friend was behind the wheel. Notice the word “impression”. Police confirmed rapper Lil Scrappy was indeed the driver at the time of the accident. Once Scrappy and his friend were found by the police, neither of the 2 gave a clear explanation on what happened exactly. As you can probably tell, the 2 had no clue how they got there. Or how they were hospitalized.

The police report states there were no witnesses. Luckily for the 2, no citations were given.  But unfortunately, Scrappy now has a broken foot. He updated his fans on Instagram on 6/5/18. Check it out below!

  • -Corae Benson