Mississippi Police pepper spray “Lil Boosie” at local Mall


Rapper “Lil Boosie” recently decided to make an appearance at local Mississippi mall “Edgewater Mall” and “Dillard’s Department Store”. During his visit, he was pepper sprayed by a law enforcement officer from “Biloxi Police Department” for no apparent reason. It seems there was a small altercation between Boosie and local law enforcement. Boosie claims local officers were stating racial slurs and were attempting to provoke him and his entire family during the altercation. Thanks to a local fan, there’s video footage of the officer pepper spraying Lil Boosie at random.

Local Mississippi police complained that the well known rapper “disrupted the flow of normal business” inside of local mall. As we all know, a celebrity appearance in a local mall can be a huge disruption to everyday business. But that doesn’t appear to be a valid excuse for pepper spraying someone who physically isn’t threatening the officers or public safety for that matter. Publication states the city of Mississippi wants nothing to do with the lawsuit. The state countered Boosie with the fact that the officer that originally attacked him was off-duty.

lil boosie

Boosie’s court date has officially been set for 4/18/2018. Boosie also reports that local police also pepper sprayed his pregnant cousin. He stated the pepper spray forced his cousin into labor, which was a pre-mature birth. She gave birth to twins with major respiratory issues.

Corae Benson