Pusha T Vs. Drake- Surgical Summer

Pusha T vs Drake

Pusha T decided to put the “red dot” on Drake in diss record “Infrared” after 10 year beef with rapper “Lil Wayne”. Story saids, the beef between Wayne and Push stemmed from a “Bape” hoodie Lil Wayne decided to wear in 2006. “Clipse” which was the name of the dynamic group Pusha-T and his brother “Malice” created in 1999, didn’t take too kindly to Wayne’s hoodie. Clipse proclaimed to be the first supporters of “BAPE” and saw Wayne as a copy, so they proceeded to drop their single “Mr. Me Too” in 2006.

Fast forward to now, Pusha decided to speak on some touchy subjects on his new record “Infrared“. One of them being that rapper “Drake” has a ghost writer.  “It was written like Nas, but it came from Quentin

“I’m in shock. The nerve, the audacity” said’s Drake on his response track titled “Duppy”. Then he proceeded to complain about Kanye, and what “favors” he had to perform for the 2.

“So if you rebuke me for workin’ with someone else on a couple of Vs
What do you really think of the nigga that’s makin’ your beats?
I’ve done things for him I thought that he never would need
Father had to stretch his hands out and get it from me”

Pretty good right? According to Push, not good enough. Shortly after, Pusha-T decided to raise the bar with his most current response record “The Story Of Adidon”. I can’t fail to mention the humiliating cover photo of Drake in “Black Face”. It seems Push was holding on to this for some time.

“Easy money
It’s about to be a surgical summer
Chop the tops off the coupes
The cuatrociento’ ochenta y ocho
The Spider joint
And you know we gotta cut the heads off these snakes, right?
Watch the body drop”

As of today 5/31/18, Drake has only responded about “Black Face” cover on Twitter. Here’s what he had to say:


-Corae Benson