A 19 year old beautiful black female “Kenneka Jenkins” from Chicago, IL was found lifeless in a hotel freezer at the Rosemont Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, IL . She was found laying face down on her side. She had one shoe off in one of the corners of the walk-in freezer with chunks of ice in different places around her body. She was laying there with bruises on her back, on her right foot and hair matted and wet. Some hotel freezer analysts says that it’s impossible for that kind of freezer to collect ice on its on. The Rosemont Police Department ruled it as an accident saying she accidentally went into the freezer, closed herself in and froze to death, however things just don’t add up.

The night she went missing in the hotel was Sept. 9th 2017. Kenneka attended a birthday party in room 926 of one of her friends, Irene Roberts at the Rosemont Crowne Plaza Hotel . During this party it was said that she could have possibly been drugged by someone in that room or even voluntarily taken a drug along with drinking alcohol. 

According to her friends’ statements at some point that night, friends Monifah Shelton and Shamaya Winder had taken Kenneka out into the hallway to leave the party and they left her there to go back into room 926 to retrieve Kenneka’s keys and phone. Once the ladies returned to the hallway, they claimed she was not there. It was said that they searched through-out the hotel looking for her for hours after she went missing, before one of them attempted to call her mom “Tereasa Martin”.

Once the mom was notified and went to the hotel, they refused to show her surveillance video of her daughter walking around this hotel without her filing a missing persons report, in which she did and even after filing the report they gave her a hard time. Tereasa Martin said the family members stayed at the hotel until after 1 a.m. that Sunday, when police informed them they had discovered Jenkins’ body in the walk-in freezer.


According to the surveillance video, the food and beverage manager was the one who walked to the freezer and discovered the body. Kenneka’s mom Tereasa Martin was able to identify the body of her lifeless child only after the coroner and assistant carried her out of the freezer and laid her on a gurney. The mom and sister was only allowed to only see her face and nothing below the neck.

It took 5 days to get the surveillance video. On Sept. 15, Police released Crowne Plaza hotel footage of Jenkins apparently staggering through the hotel hallways, stumbling into a stairwell and, lastly, wandering into the hotel’s kitchen. The video clips released do not show Jenkins entering the walk-in freezer where her body was found. However, the security video appears to be captured by a motion-activated camera, which did not display anyone coming into the area until her body was found.

Martin was angry about what she said was hotel workers’ lack of urgency in the face of her pleas for help finding her daughter Saturday morning, directing her to the police rather than immediately reviewing hotel footage. The unusual circumstances have ignited huge interest on social media with many observers blaming police and Jenkins’ friends.

Social media supporters are searching diligently through-out her friends’ live videos and hotel surveillance videos to find new evidence and trying to get the FBI involved in this case. There are just too many questions going un-answered.

Here are a couple of videos we have been looking into. Could it be that she was set-up by her friends or was it a staff member at the hotel who saw her wondering the hallways that may have took advantage of her and ended her life? Either way she needs justice. j4k
Irene Roberts went live on Monifah Shelton’s phone.

Ms Tereasa’s interview on ITBM News