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Welcome to “The Base Blog” brought to you by TripMine Ent. The Domain of TripMine Radio and the voice of Hip Hop culture and Video Blogging. This is a sanctuary of Cross Promotion and Networking on a Local, Underground and Commercial Scale

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New Release from Hip Hop artist “Jon Spreeze” entitled “SPRZSMR17”

Check out his single “3rd Eye Open” also available on SPRZSMR17

Jon Spreeze

This project is now available on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play! Click the links below to purchase NOW!


 Mafia Question of the Day Winner

Mandi Rutherford

Mafia Question of the Day


No, especially musicians. It’s arrogant to assume someone WANTS to hear your music. If they’re interested, they’ll listen on their own, or at least ask first. People want to feel like they have a choice in what they’re choosing to check out, and tagging and/or spamming someone’s inbox with music takes that choice away from them. If it’s dope, it’ll get heard. There are plenty of other ways to promote.

Eminem releases an extremely political freestyle at the BET Hip Hop Awards

“The Calm Before the Storm” is what Eminem stated before he delivered this striking freestyle. Freestyling his HUGE disliking of our current President, Donald Trump, It appears that Eminem has drawn a line in the sand. Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James and Calvin Johnson all approve of what Eminem had to say.  Every one might not agree with Eminem’s message, but this appears to be the first freestyle in history to shake a nation.

 New Project from Hip Hop Artist “LIGHTHOU5E” entitled “CounterWav”

Light House

Lighthou5e is an appropriate name for an artist that is a beacon of light for lost music fans, bringing structured lyrics, live instrumentation and clear delivery, to a music landscape littered with mumbling rappers and clichéd producers. He makes real Hip-Hop with influences from the golden era of rap, mixed with a contemporary production and fresh vocal flow.

Check out Lighthou5e single “Feedback” from his latest project “CounterWav”

New Album from “The Cool Kids” Available Sept. 15th


Chicago’s Finest, Chuck English & Mikey Rocks confirms the release of their new album! Entitled “Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe” The Cool Kids plan to take back the Rap game, proclaiming their styles have been JACKED by other rappers currently in the game today. Who are “The Cool Kids”? An Underground Hip Hop duo based out of Chicago. Their last album left a HUGE impression on all the Hip Hop heads of 2011.  Separately, they have collaborated with artist including Curren$y, Pac Div, Lil Wayne, Drake, Kid Cudi and many more! They offer a totally different energy in comparison to current Hip Hop. This project is expected to be incredibly successful, and the end of a long wait for Cool Kids fans everywhere.

Check out their single “Running Man”

  TripMine’s Underground Hip Hop Artist “Tommy J” confirms New EP “Who is Tommy J” Available 8/11/17

Who is Tommy J

Columbus, Ohio Veteran “Tommy J” confirms that his new project “Who is Tommy J” will be dropping on various sites on 8/11/2017. This highly anticipated project will contain all original instrumentals created by Tommy J. With the assistance of producers and fellow artist “Coraezy Hitz” and “Booney Buckz” this project is intended to deliver authentic Hip Hop at it’s finest!

Click the video below and listen for yourself

Watch Tory Lanes, Cameron, Designer and many more rappers reaction to new Underground Artist “Rich Chigga” 

Brian Imanuel (born September 21, 1999), better known by his stage name Rich Chigga, is an Indonesian rapper and comedian from Jakarta. He is known for his viral debut single “Dat $tick”, which was released in March 2016. This young artist has full potential to take over his generation. Check him out ASAP!

Coraezy Hitz New EP “The TripMine Prodigy” Releases July 11th, 2017!!!

“TripMine” shall be Dark or accenting “goth” on an “Urban” level, but persuasive to men and women of all ages. This will be executed based on the multiple symbolic meanings of the brand “TripMine” in its entirety. I plan to present these key ingredients to my brand through the delivery of music composed. The music will be consistent of a “EP” and campaign entitled “The TripMine Prodigy”. “Prodigy” means- a person, having extraordinary talent or ability. I “Coraezy Hitz” plan to execute the role of the “Prodigy”. Doing so I shall be extremely shameless, yet encouraging. Creating a culture of work ethic, in the midst of “edgy” individuals that support cross promoting, and building independent brands likewise to TripMine. 

– Coraezy Hitz

Ace Hood’s Watch falls apart on BET Award’s red carpet!!! MUST WATCH!

It appear’s that Florida’s own Ace Hood is going through some financial complications. The under rated rapper had a strong start with DJ Khaled from his hit singles “Cash Flow” & “I’m So Hood”. But recently there’s been word that Ace has gone broke. From Khalid leaving Ace high and dry to Ace owing Def Jam 1 million dollars, it’s obvious that something isn’t right within the circle of Ace Hood’s business partners. 

Kanye decides not to release his project on Tidal


Apparently Kanye wanted a piece of the “Tidal Pie” but when he never received his bonus for “Life of Pablo” that deal came to an end. There’s confirmation from Tidal that Kanye has not followed through with a number of video’s he committed to producing along with the release of his project. Looks like Kanye will not be pursuing any “exclusive” releases with any other streaming company. 

The Base Review of Jay-Z’s New Album 4:44


The man that proclaims to be “Jehova” of the Hip Hop industry has set the record straight on 6.30.17. I hate to sound biased because I’ve always been a Jay-Z fan, but outside of his musical abilities, this man has displayed his intelligence on making sure his profit returns 10 fold. Note that you can only access his music on “Tidal”. That within itself, was a very strategic move on his part. Virtually the game has been changed far as Hip Hop albums or projects in general. It’s very simple now a days to obtain music outside of actually buying it. Snoop openly admitted he had to bootleg Jay-Z’s album! 

Take notes local artist!!! In most reviews of the album 4:44, I’ve read that Jay-Z has dropped a number of “Gems” referring to his advice and clearing the air far as gossip and his personal life experiences. The greatest “Gem” in this project, in my opinion is his display of how he handles his business not only as a Rapper, but as an Entrepreneur. The Album 4:44 is about 35 minutes long. Being an individual that reviews a ton of music on a daily basis, I appreciated the project. The instrumentals on this project aren’t linear to what’s hot today in Hip Hop, but he still manages to execute and deliver. This project is a reminder to Hip Hop fans everywhere of his authenticity as a business man and a Hip Hop Mogul of today’s generation.

New Lil Wayne Mixtape on the Horizon


Thanks to Wayne’s insta-snap story, the world has been warned about his up coming project! Even though he has not confirmed what this project will be entitled, he’s got fans holding their breath. On Tuesday (7/4/2017) Wayne decided to share snippets of the banger’s he has locked and loaded. One of them being a remix to “Magnolia” by Playboi Carti. There’s also confirmation that he’s not using auto-tune on any of these records. The streets have been patiently waiting on the Dedication 6, is the wait over? Only time will tell!

 New Single by Tommy J and Coraezy Hitz

David Banner takes on Congress about the message of Hip Hop!

HS87 at their finest!!

The story behind the photo’s

Joe Budden speaks on the Migo’s

Charlamagne vs. Chanel West Coast


Trey Songz speaks on Nicki Minaj

Gucci and Jeezy Documentary 


Interviews with TripMine

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